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The MEMBER'S AREA of SEXTON READS THE CHARTS contains the following:-

1. Technical analysis of all Irish stocks, FTSE 100 stocks, S&P 100 stocks and Euro Stoxx 50 stocks.

2. Overall market trend stating whether the stockmarket is currently in an upward ('bullish') trend or in a downward ('bearish') trend.

3. Market topics section containing articles of interest and share recommendations based on the conclusions arising from the technical analysis done above, together with in depth fundamental analysis of those stocks.


Here's why the MEMBER'S AREA of SEXTON READS THE CHARTS will make you a much better stockmarket investor:-

A. By using technical analysis of charts, which will transform your stock selection skills (in my 25 year stockbroking career, I found that technical analysis was invaluable in assisting clients with their share dealings!).

B. By combining the results of technical analysis with fundamental analysis (very few, if any, stockmarket websites offer this service!).

In 2020, our first full year in operation, our share recommendations had an AVERAGE GAIN OF 16%, trouncing the performance of the major market indices and the vast majority of managed portfolios and funds!


The MEMBER'S AREA of SEXTON READS THE CHARTS can be accessed by registered subscribers. A subscription costs only €25 per month.

To register now, simply email us at: telling us you wish to sign up as a new subscriber. We will then email you the various payment options, and details of how to access the  MEMBER'S AREA will be emailed to you on receipt of your first payment.


Money back guarantee!

If you are not entirely satisfied with the MEMBER'S AREA of SEXTON READS THE CHARTS after a subscription period of 12 months, I will refund your subscription without quibble!

                                                                           - Patrick Sexton FCA, founder of SEXTON READS THE CHARTS

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