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Ok it was Sergeant Esterhaus, not Captain Furillo, who used to say “Let’s be careful out there!” in the 1980’s tv series Hill Street Blues (see introduction).. I looked it up on the web just now.

And lest there be any debate or confusion or disagreement about a slightly more important matter – please note that technical analysis is not investment advice.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is the study of share price movements. It is a tool that can be used by investors in attempting to predict the outlook for specific shares and the overall market. Technical analysis does not have widespread acceptance amongst the investment community. The conventional type of investment analysis that is done for shares is fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is the study of financial ratios that are calculated from a company’s results and forecasts.

This web site provides technical analysis for shares.

What is advice?

Investment advice is the provision of a personal recommendation to a client by an investment firm, either at the client’s request or at the firm’s initiative in respect of transactions relating to financial instruments.

The alternative definition of investment advice that I remember from my days as a stockbroker  ‘advice is something you are asked for when somebody wants to make you responsible for their own decision!’

An investment in a particular stock which might be suitable for one investor, may be totally unsuitable for another investor. Furthermore, an investment amount of $50,000 might be appropriate for one investor, whereas the appropriate amount for another investor could be closer to $500, depending on their respective financial circumstances.

This web site does not provide investment advice.

Finally, please bear in mind that there is no investment tool, be it technical analysis or fundamental analysis, that works every time. There is no such tool now, and there never will be such a tool anytime in the future. We are dealing with ‘percentage play’ here and the objective of this web site is to improve your decision making in the great game of strategy that is the stock market.

Patrick Sexton FCA                                                        9th August 2019

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